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The first graphene - rubber sensors in Ireland
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Recently, in Ireland, with the support of science foundation at trinity college Dublin advanced materials and biological engineering research center (AMBER) and successful cooperation of researchers at the institute of physics add graphene into rubber, rubber while retain the original mechanical properties with the electrical conductivity, so as to create the world's first wearable sensors graphene - rubber. The study was published in the American chemical society journal nano.

Test results showed that when mixed rubber are stretching, great changes are current through the mixture. If so, will the graphene - embedded in clothing, rubber mixture can breath awareness, pulse, etc. The most subtle human activities. The research for the development of wearable sensors based on rubber has paved the way, make its can be used to monitor blood pressure and critical movement and breathing.

In addition, the graphene - rubber sensor also has the potential for many purposes, such as airbags, monitoring body movement for the development of high sensitivity of medical equipment, as sudden infant death syndrome and adults sleep apnea early warning systems, and embedded clothes to monitor the athletes' actions or the patient's rehabilitation.

Project director JonathanColeman said, because the rubber cheap and widely available, and the technology and manufacturing technology is simple, the invention will show the world's leading manufacturers of sensors more possibilities.

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