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The classification of natural rubber and component
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Natural rubber according to the manufacturing process and the shape is different, divided into smoke piece of rubber, the standard rubber, crepe rubber and latex, etc.

Smoke piece of plastic is filtered, join formate solidified into thin sheets, will be made after the drying, Smoked cigarettes film - RSS (Ribbed Smoked Sheet), China's imports of natural rubber Sheet for smoke, the smoke rubber press appearance to classification, divided into RSS1, RSS2, RSS3, RSS4, RSS5, such as a total of five, amounted to less than five as substandard glue.

Is standard rubber latex after solidification, processed into granular, domestic production of natural rubber basically as the standard, also called pimpled rubber. Domestic rubber (SCR) on general according to the international unified standard of physical and chemical performance, indicators to classification, the physical and chemical properties including content of impurities, plastic initial value, the plastic retention, nitrogen content, volatile content, ash content and color index, seven. With impurity content as conductivity index, according to how much of the impurity into SCR5, SCR10, SCR20, SCR50 four levels, such as equivalent to a domestic one, two, three, four standard glue.

Natural rubber is mainly sold by hevea latex was prepared. Its composition is 91% ~ 91% of rubber hydrocarbon, the rest for the protein, fatty acid, ash content, the rubber material such as sugar. Natural rubber is the most widely used general-purpose rubber.

Natural rubber is made by latex, latex in the part of the rubber component stay solid natural rubber. General natural rubber rubber hydrocarbon containing 92% ~ 95%, rather than rubber hydrocarbon (5% ~ 8%. The method because of the different, the origin of different rubber and adopt different season, the proportion of the ingredients may have differences, but basically within the range.

Protein can promote rubber vulcanization, delay aging. Protein, on the other hand, has the strong water imbibition, can introduce rubber damp mildewy, insulation, protein and increased heating shortcoming.

Acetone extract is senior fatty acids and sterols substances, including some role natural protective agent and accelerator, and can help powder compound in the process of mixing dispersion and raw rubber softening effect.

In the ash mainly containing magnesium phosphate and calcium phosphate salts, have a very small amount of copper, manganese, iron and other metal compounds, because the base metal ions can promote the rubber aging, so their content should be controlled.

Moisture in the dry glue not more than 1%, in the process of machining can be volatile, but when moisture content is too much, not only can make the rubber easy mold storage process, but also affects the rubber processing, such as mixed compound easy cluster; Bubbles, calendering, extruding process sulfide in the process of bubble or a cavernous, etc.

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