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The classification of the rubber oil and usage is introduced
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Rubber oil can be roughly classified into oil rubber oil, pine oil, rubber oil, coal tar, rubber oil, fatty oil rubber oil four categories, including oil rubber oil is the biggest and most easy to carry on the processing, storage and good plasticizing effect and low cost.

Oil is main divided into paraffin base rubber oil, naphthenic base, aromatics base 3 kinds. Among them, the naphthenic rubber oil belongs to a new type rubber oil, not only can as a substitute for aromatic type rubber oil, at the same time various performance and aromatic type rubber oil almost the same. A key feature is the compatibility with rubber rubber oil and stability, relative to character, naphthenic rubber oil at the same time with the characteristics of paraffin wax and aromatic base emulsification and has good compatibility and non-polluting non-toxic, can adapt to the wide variety of rubber, and is one of the most ideal rubber oil.

Rubber oil is both a softener, which requires itself to and rubber with good compatibility and affinity. So would by in the process of improving rubber mixing power consumption, reduce evenly dispersed to promote all kinds of accessories, effectively improve the elongation of vulcanized rubber and resilience, etc. Process performance. Anyhow, softening, plasticizing, viscous, reinforcing, anti-aging, this is the most "good at" its action mechanism.

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