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The basic characteristic of the rubber products
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The basic characteristic of the rubber products:

1.rubber molding, after pressure pressing, the cohesion of both by elastomer, cannot be eliminated when molding from, often produce unstable contraction (rubber shrinkage rate, by analysing different difference), must be after a period of time, can be gentle stability. So when a rubber at the beginning of the design, formula or mould, all need to be careful calculation to cooperate, if not, the size is not stable, easy to produce products products quality is low.

2.the genus hot-melt thermoset rubber elastomer, plastic belong to hot-melt cold setting. Rubber by sulfide species subject, different curing temperature range, its shape is also have quite a gap, even because of climate change, the indoor temperature and humidity. Rubber products production conditions, therefore, need do moderate adjustment at any time, if not, may produce products the quality difference.

3.rubber products, is the mixer mixing of rubber raw materials made of mixing rubber as raw material, after when mixing formula designed according to the characteristics of the rubber products, and set the required product hardness. Product production molding by rubber vulcanizing press molding. After molding, products and flash processing, product surface treatment is smooth without burr.

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